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Lupus Canada Scholarship

In February of 2017, I was finishing up the second year of my Technologist diploma at the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) and that's when I came across the Lupus Canada scholarship program. Lupus Canada annually offers 6 one-time scholarships of $2,000 to Canadian post-secondary students diagnosed with lupus.

Near the end of summer 2017, I was about to begin my final year at CNA and I assumed I had not been chosen for the award. Just when all hope was lost, my phone rang, and it was a representative from Lupus Canada congratulating me on being chosen as a 2017 recipient.

This moment was filled with so many emotions of excitement, happiness, joy, etc. but most importantly, it was great to have received recognition for all my hard work in my academic studies. Receiving this award helped me further my education to ultimately complete my Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering (Chemical). Furthermore, I am forever grateful to have been chosen.

To all my fellow #LupusWarriors out there grinding away day and night at their academics while battling this debilitating disease, you are an inspiration and I encourage you to apply for this scholarship at the link attached.


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